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We, at BALEV, strive to assist clients enhance their quality of life and achieve their full potential by leading a Balanced lifestyle while guiding them to understand the need to continuously Evolve in order to become the best version of themselves.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to guide You through your healing journey and self-discovery process, equip you with knowledge and skills to cope with daily challenges, instill in you the importance of self-love as well as the benefits of leading a balanced lifestyle…
Mind, Body and Soul

Meet our TEAM

Laura Cintron, LPC-S

Founder of Balev Counseling and Wellness



Gabriela Amado

Client Care Coordinator

Samanta will provide the highest level or customer service possible. She's caring, helpful and knowledgeable. Our clients' best interest is her priority. She will walk you through the scheduling process seamlessly and answer additional questions you may have. 


Olivia Goodman


Hello! My name is Olivia Goodman and I am a Licensed Master Social Worker in the Houston/Cypress areas. Focusing heavily on gaining the tools to be successful, clients and myself can work to tackle obstacles that may be causing overwhelming feelings. Learning more about yourself and how you interact with the world around you can be life changing.

Congratulations on taking the next step and looking into how therapy services could benefit you! Finding a safe space can feel daunting; I assure you that as a practitioner, and fellow human being, we will work together to create a positive therapeutic relationship.

alecia f

Alecia Ford, CSC, LPC

I enjoy working with adults, young adults, adolescents, women, codependency, relationship disconnection, women issues, communication, parenting, and trauma are just a few areas I specialize in treating. Using multiple modalities such as Psychoeducation, Behavior Therapy, Group Therapy, Person-Centered, and SFBT(Solution Focused Therapy).
Throughout my years in counseling, I’ve helped clients explore problems, enable them to see things in a new way, and help them move towards change. Through therapy, I will help you see positive results with mental wellbeing and the healing process.

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Trisha Rojas, MEd, LPC

Hi there! My name is Trisha Rojas. As a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate and member of the Association for Creativity in Counseling, I use a Person-Centered approach while integrating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, somatic experiencing, and expressive arts techniques that are tailored to meet your individual needs. I value empathy and a genuine therapeutic relationship, striving to create an environment that feels safe to explore and express thoughts and emotions without judgement.

I believe in a holistic perspective of wellness and caring for all the dimensions of the self. By focusing on the connection between the mind, body, and spirit, you can become empowered to make positive changes that are in harmony with your values and overcome challenges using your new skills and insights. I’m confident that everyone holds the power within themselves to progress towards reaching their maximum potential and gaining a sense of peace and balance.

I enjoy working with concerns related to self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma, communication, grief, anger, codependency, cultural issues/identity including those of the LGBTQIA+ community, eating disorders, relationship issues and life stress/transitions. I’m especially passionate about supporting multicultural populations and individuals who have suffered from intimate partner violence. I look forward to collaborating with you to set goals and walk alongside you in your unique journey towards wholeness and healing.


Nartarsha Davis, MAPC

Marriage & Family Specialist

Nartarsha Davis, is passionate about empowering and encouraging people, to know who they are, as well as walk-in who God has created them to be. She is equipped with the knowledge, and wisdom to help you to not only survive but thrive, with hope and purpose in life. Nartarsha is a licensed minister, with many years of experience in developing others, through coaching, counseling, and encouragement. She has helped married couples, and individuals grow in their walk of life. Nartarsha Davis, is well known in the beauty and education industry, holding an Associate of Applied Science degree in Cosmetology as well as Instructor of Cosmetology which goes hand in hand with practicing self-care and Wellness. Nartarsha loves teaching and preaching the Gospel. She has earned several certificates through studying at Truett Theological Seminary, in Exegesis, Homiletics, and other Christian studies. She is a graduate of Liberty University-Rawlings School of Divinity, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Religion: Christian Counseling, and Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling.Nartarsha Davis, is ready to come alongside you, helping you to walk through your journey, and overcome obstacles which will lead you on a better path for a better you.


Daniel Escobar

Certified Life Coach

Hi there! My name is Daniel Escobar. I am a Certified Bilingual Life Coach. I specialize in the areas of work/life balance, time management and relationships. My goal is to work alongside you and help guide you through this journey. I will provide you with tools and strategies for you to reach your goals and achieve the balance that you are looking for. As your coach, it is extremely important for me to create an environment where you feel safe to express your thoughts and ideas without judgment.

As a Work/Life Balance coach, you and I will embark on your journey to find harmony in your daily routines. We will work on prioritizing your daily activities and identifying factors that are keeping you away from achieving inner peace and living a life of joy and reward. Together we will develop specific short and long-term goals and implement a plan crafted specifically for you.

If you are seeking guidance to overcome challenges in a current relationship, would like to work on improving the relationship or considering moving away from it, my goal is to support you. Together, we will work on analyzing and reflecting on your current situation. We will also evaluate your options and help you find clarity towards your future decisions. I work with couples and individually to improve communication, strengthen bonds, and help individuals build a path to lasting love and fulfillment.

Call today & schedule your free 30 minute consultation!

  • Work/Life Balance
  • Relationships
  • Time Management


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Janika Williams, CSC, LPC

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty”. – Maya Angelou

Are you experiencing what feels like a multitude of challenges right now? Are you overwhelmed with uncertainty and undesirable emotions?

At this very moment, you are one step closer to embarking on your journey towards healing, and I would be honored to travel alongside you, helping you in your journey. I am passionate about raising awareness of mental health and wellness. I use a person centered and holistic approach, helping people who are experiencing all sorts of challenges and changes in their lives. I am a Certified School Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate. As a Counselor, I value building a positive therapeutic relationship and creating a client centered environment that is a safe space for clients to express themselves.


Cristina Rodas, LPC-A

LPC-A, EMDR Trained, CPT Trained

Supervised by Laura Cintron, LPC-S

“Autonomy is the gift of self-belief and the courage to live according to your own principles” – Unknown

Hi, my name is Cristina Rodas. I am a bilingual Licensed Professional Counselor Associate under the supervision of Laura Cintron Escobar, MA, CSC, PBFT, LPC-S. My education has prepared me to provide counseling to children, adolescents, and adults who may be experiencing a variety of life challenges.

I earned my master’s degree in counseling from Northwestern University in June 2023 completing my practicum and internship at the Fort Bend Women’s Center. I have experience working with victim/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault as well as their families. I have experience working with individuals and their personal issues related to trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, attachment, and dissociative behaviors.

I strongly believe that counseling can help you to improve your life in a positive and more healthy way. Counseling involves sharing difficult experiences, concerns, and stories that could open deep emotions and wounds. I am here to work with you, not against you. So, let’s have a therapeutic relationship that is based on respect, communication, and trust. The goal is to work collaboratively to best achieve your goals. I use an integrative approach, which is influenced by psychodynamic and attachment theories, client-centered approaches, mindfulness-based counseling, and feminist theory. I am trained in cognitive processing therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and trauma informed care. While I firmly believe that you are the expert in your life; my job is to facilitate the process and help you! 


Nicole Reglos, LPC

IMG-8397 (1)

Najla Crawford, LPC-A

Supervised by Laura Cintron, LPC-S 


Nelly Vela, CSC, LPC-A

Hello, I am Nelly Vella.I am a bilingual Licensed Professional Counselor Associate and School Counselor as well. I am passionate about breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health, especially in underrepresented communities. I am committed to providing a safe space for clients to heal and transform using evidence-based approaches. I have experience working with trauma, cultural adjustment issues, anxiety, and depression. Through our work together, I will provide you with tools that will empower you to gain new perspectives. I am excited to work with you on your journey.


Erica Arras, MS, LPC-A

Supervised by: Alice Payne


Katie Cerar, MA, LPC-A

Supervised by: Laura Cintron, LPC-S


Beatriz Velazquez

Supervised by Alice Payne

Are you ready to explore the challenging thoughts that are troubling you and bringing anxiety and fear into your life? My approach to therapy is trauma focused and eclectic. I strongly believe that therapy should not be a “one-size-fits-all” model. I am a person that cares about the comfort of my clients and looks forward to supporting you in the process of self-growth and self-acceptance. Therapy can be intimidating for some people, but you are not going at this alone. I am committed to work with you to address all of your concerns as you begin creating a life you are comfortable living and that you genuinely enjoy.

My approach to therapy utilizes various techniques that help you identify and understand your emotions, explore strengths and skills you naturally have, and learn how they can be used to begin resolving your current dilemma. In session I strive to create a safe space for clients to feel heard, understood, and accepted. I am passionate about helping adults, adolescence, couples, and families become aware of their unique issues that hurt them in their relationships. Along with being a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, I am a Certified School Counselor. I have experience with anxiety, stress and families. I have also worked in the public-school setting by providing services to at risk youths and was successful in assisting adolescents with transitioning to adulthood.


Sabrina Watkins, LE

Licensed Esthetician

As a seasoned licensed esthetician, I have been holistically healing for almost 10 years. I nurture my clients by working attentively to what the body and mind needs. My specialty is therapeutic deep tissue but I am also certified in Swedish, sports, prenatal and lymphatic drainage. 

Each of my session are tailored and customized to ensure that clients are satisfied and looking fabulous!

IMG_1097 (1)

Cortni Tyson, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

As a seasoned licensed massage therapist, I have been holistically healing for the past 8 years. I nurture my clients by working attentively to what the body and mind needs. My specialty is therapeutic deep tissue but I am also certified in Swedish, sports, prenatal and lymphatic drainage. 

Each of my session are tailored and customized to ensure that clients are guaranteed the relief and relaxation they may long for. 


Nene Escobar

Therapy Dog - CGC Certified SS3157603

Nene is playful and compassionate Chocolate Lab. He's intuitive about people's emotions and needs. He's our gentle giant and loves EVERYONE! Nene has completed obedience training, and is currently attending public access training. He is CGC Certified. Just like our Therapists, our furry friend will be in continuous training.

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